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Discover deep peace within
and bring greater peace to the world!

Discover deep peace within
and bring greater peace to the world!

Bodywork & Massage





Bodywork & Massage

The benefits of bodywork & massage treatments:

  • Improve circulation Increase blood circulation and the flow of tissue fluid (lymph)
  • Improve lymphatic drainage
  • Help breathing Stimulate breathing Assist the flow of nutrients and oxygen to tissues
  • Lower the heart and pulse rate
  • Detoxify the body systems Hasten excretion or waste products
  • Nourish the skin (with the right oils) Promote nourishment, repair and renewal of body cells
  • Assist in removal of deposits of tissue
  • Stimulate activity in skin and its glands
  • Improve muscle tone Induce muscle tone
  • Soothe and relax nerves
  • Relieve Stress
  • Release emotional tension
  • Relieve pain in certain conditions
  • Relax mind and body deeply
  • Create a feeling of well-being.

Contra-indications are situations where it is advisable to be cautious about having massage treatment. Conditions such as: Acute inflammation, redness, swelling, marked breathing difficulty, fever, skin rash, Varicose veins. If you have any of these conditions or other concerns, check with your therapist at the time of booking your treatment.

Modalities [+]

One name for a short (15-20 minute) massage of a client sitting in a special, portable massage chair. The client remains fully clothed and no oils are used while their shoulders, neck, upper back, head and arms are massaged. On-Site is popular at some offices as an employee benefit and for some conferences, workshops and certain social events.

Craniosacral therapy is a subtle, noninvasive form of bodywork that addresses the bones of the head, spinal column and sacrum. The goal is to release compression in those areas by subtly shifting the fluids surrounding these areas. This alleviates overall stress and pain. Craniosacral therapy seeks to restore the natural position of the bones and can decrease stress from chronic injuries as well as provide relief from migraine headaches, neck and back pain, temporomandibular joint disorder (the inflammation of the joint that connects the lower jaw to the skull) and more. A very gentle touch is utilized when administering this technique, yet the results are often profound and deep.

Cupping and Gua Sha are tools originating in the Chinese Medical system. They allow for decompression of the layers of tissue alongside creating an ideal healing environment through increased blood flow and oxygenation of the tissue. They allow for myofascial release to take place and can be used for greater healing of scarring and scar tissue formations.

These applications may create temporary redness and marks known as "sha" after a session which resemble a light bruising. These marks may last anywhere from a few hours to a few days to a week or longer depending on the recipient's unique response. Overall clients appreciate a deeper release and capacity of movement after a cupping or gua sha treatment.

Is used to release chronic muscle tension through slower strokes and more direct pressure or friction applied across the grain of the muscles. This invigorating experience is a process of detection of stiff or painful areas by determining the quality and texture of the deeper layers of musculature, and slowly working into the deep layers of muscle tissue. Specific hand positions and strokes are then used to respond to various tissue qualities. Techniques employing breath and movement are also used for releasing muscular congestion.

It is important to see your primary care doctor as soon as possible after the accident. If the accident is fairly significant you should seek medical attention and have x-rays done to rule out fractures and other serious injuries. Once you have ascertained that you have no injuries that need to be treated by a Medical Doctor, you should seek treatment immediately. Massage Therapy can be even more effective if you start immediately after an accident because it can encourage repair tissue to form more strongly than if it were left to form on its own. When you help the body to heal properly there is a lesser chance of re-injury and chronic pain. Also, when you are involved in an accident, your body immediately begins to use your sympathetic nervous system activating your "fight or flight" response. While the obvious effects of this reaction diminish once the danger is gone, there are more subtle consequences that linger. Often, an individual will "self splint" meaning they go into a protective stance or posture almost all the time. This causes postural changes and over time can lead to joint and soft tissue dysfunction. With massage these problems can be minimized or avoided all together.

Prior to Coming in for your appointment for Auto Injuries:

  • Discuss your treatment options with your Primary Care Physician or Doctor of Chiropractic.
  • Obtain a prescription for Massage Therapy.
  • Collect insurance information as follows:
    • Insurance company name, address and phone number.
    • Incident claim number.
    • Adjustor's name and phone number.

MRM operates on the principle that you store stress and tension in your muscles and your connective tissue. This causes them to become stiff and locked, which results in discomfort, or even pain, in your every day life. Stretches are used to open the muscles and connective tissues that are holding the stress. The massage focuses deeply on ligature as well as muscles. The stretches can be intense. According to the Mayo Clinic, "It is thought that tightness within the fascia (connective tissues) causes restriction of muscle and other tissues, resulting in back pain and loss of motion. Injuries, stress, inflammation, trauma and poor posture supposedly contribute to this tightness." MRM loosens and frees this connective tissue. This means that any physical condition the tightness of the fascia is exaggerating can be relieved by MRM. This is thought to include fibromyalgia, a slew of muscular and joint pains, fatigue, tensions, and even some of the physical side effects of old age. It is also thought to help with injuries and other sustained physical damage.

Pranic Healing is a highly developed and tested system of energy based healing techniques that utilizes "prana" to balance, harmonize and transform the body's energy processes. "Prana" is a Sanskrit word that means "life-force". This invisible bio-energy or vital energy keeps the body alive and maintains a state of good health. Pranic Healing is a simple yet powerful and effective no-touch energy healing. It is based on the fundamental principle that the body is a "self-repairing" living entity that possesses the innate ability to heal itself. It works on the principle that the healing process is accelerated by increasing the life force or vital energy on the affected part of the physical body. It influences this natural life force to bring about a healthier physical body. Pranic Healing is applied on the bio-electromagnetic field known as the aura, which contains the mold and blueprint of the physical body. This bioplasmic body absorbs life energy and distributes it to the organs and glands.

Pregnancy massage is the prenatal use of massage therapy to support the physiologic, structural, and emotional well-being of both mother and fetus. Various forms of massage therapy, including Swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular, movement, and Oriental-based therapies, may be applied throughout pregnancy as well as during labor and the postpartum period.

Massage therapy can address the various physical challenges of pregnancy: edema; foot, leg, or hand discomforts; and pain in the lower back, pelvis, or hips. Swedish massage may facilitate gestation by supporting cardiac function, placental and mammary development, and increasing cellular respiration. It can also reduce edema and high blood pressure as well as contribute to sympathetic nervous system sedation. Deep tissue, trigger point, and both active and passive movements alleviate stress on weight-bearing joints, muscles, and fascial tissues to reduce neck and back pain caused by poor posture and strain on the uterine ligaments. During labor, women whose partners use basic massage strokes on their backs and legs have shorter, less complicated labors. After the baby's birth, massage therapy can gently facilitate the body's return to its pre-pregnancy state, alleviate pain, foster a renewed sense of body and self, and help maintain flexibility despite the physical stresses of infant care. For post-Caesarean mothers, specific therapeutic techniques can also reduce scar tissue formation and facilitate the healing of the incision and related soft tissue areas.

During Reiki, which means"universal life-force energy," the "healer" becomes a channeler of universal energy. The treatment follows a traditional pattern of hand positions resting on the body without pressure. Reiki is pure energy, and brings about deep relaxation and healing.

A system based on the body's energy meridians. Shiatsu massages are normally done fully clothed and involve pressing points on the body and stretching and opening of the energy meridians. Shiatsu is somewhat related to acupuncture, which is a form of anesthesia and therapy used in Chinese medicine.

Incorporating massage in your conditioning program has many benefits. It helps you get into good shape faster, and with less stiffness and soreness. It helps you recover faster from heavy workouts, and relieves conditions which may cause injury.

Pre-event sports massage (bold or underlined) is given within the four hours preceding an event to improve performance and help decrease injuries. It is used as a supplement to an athlete's warm-up to enhance circulation and reduce excess muscle and mental tension prior to competition. It focuses on warming-up the major muscles to be used, and getting the athlete in a good mental state for competition. It also improves tissue pliability, readying the athlete for top performance and helps decrease injuries. It is used as a supplement to an athlete's warm-up to enhance circulation and reduce excess muscle and mental tension prior to competition.

Inter- and intra-event massage (bold or underlined) is given between events or in time-outs to help athletes recover from the preceding activity, and prepare for the activity coming up. It is also short, and focuses on the major muscles stressed in the activity. Inter- and intra-event massage is given between events or in time-outs to help athletes recover from the preceding activity, and prepare for the activity coming up. It is also short, and focuses on the major muscles stressed in the activity.

Post-event sports massage (bold or underlined) is given after a competition and is mainly concerned with recovery. It is geared toward reducing the muscle spasms and metabolic build-up that occur with vigorous exercise. Recovery after competition involves not only tissue normalization and repair, but also general relaxation and mental calming.

Therapeutic massage involves the manipulation of the soft tissue structures of the body to prevent and alleviate pain, discomfort, muscle spasm, and stress; and, to promote health and wellness. Swedish is the basic building block of most western massage and includes long gliding strokes (effleurage), kneading or muscular squeezing (petrissage) and focused pressure point (friction) strokes.

Known in Thailand as Nuat phaen boran, this form of massage is also known as Thai ancient massage. Originating in India and drawing from Ayurveda, it has inevitably incorporated modalities like yoga. The receiver is assisted in many yoga like positions during the course of the massage. It was believed that the massage art was brought over to Thailand by a Dr. Shivago K.,a contemporary of Buddha almost about 2500 years ago. The massage recipient wears loose and comfortable clothing and no oil is applied. Deep stretches and compressions create space and joint ease throughout the body.

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Sprirtual Direction

The term Spiritual relates to our dance with the Divine and the reflection upon what we co-create together. It embraces us within this creative relationship and divines our ability to connect with the love of the process.

How Do I Experience The Spiritual Realm?

Our spirituality invites us to celebrate our life force and notice when divine inspiration touches our hearts. We witness the alchemy that ensues which allow us to find that safe place to land and further discover the richness of our inner landscape. On our spiritual path we discover the invitation to have greater trust in ourselves and in connection to that which is so much larger than us draped in mystery. Spirituality honors this great union with one another and Spirit and shines our inter-connectedness brightly to the world.

Spirituality captures the essence of our relationship with God. The God that is within us and surrounding us in the ever unfolding creation. In this realm God is both everything and no-thing. God is energy, grace, and the invitation to both recognize and strive towards greater wholeness. God is both the holy stage as she is the breath of life in all of her players. She is hope - the beauty that beckons our resourcefulness in transforming what is profane into what is sacred. Spirituality invites us to reclaim this life as holy, divine, beautiful, rich and whole.

What Is Direction?

Direction is the path that we take through the garden of our lives. It can be seen as both linear and spirallic. It is the course that we hear most deeply within us - echoing down our hallowed halls. It is through this unique unfolding in faith that we continue to bloom.

As a director, I listen for sparks as well as the soft places to land. I listen with my ears, my eyes and my heart for what is life giving and affirming in the other. In that I hear the call of the Holy as well as what seems to shield that essence from view. It's like tending a garden. Noticing what needs to be weeded - what judgments may be choking the life force. What areas seem to need more tending to enhance our joy as well as what areas are shriveling from too much attention making us wither. What needs to be composted, recycled and transformed into fresh soil. Where are the buds of promise and peace that are popping their heads up towards the sun? Where does one take action - to dig, till and plant? And how does one nourish the garden? What honors the flow of prayer and the nutrients of self care, as well as the places to rest and take it all in? When to savor the smells, the colors and the simplicity in the explosiveness of all that has been growing.

What Is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction provides the opportunity to walk through the garden of one's life, to recognize one's connection to the Divine and the greater landscape that nourishes us all, with a companion. In this practice we honor the spiritual journey together with an eye towards transformation, growth, ease and respite.

A directee's personal plot varies greatly depending on the call of one's path. It is affected by the seasons of change and how one is being led by the Great Creator surrounding us in all that we see, as well as the deep currents that move us from within.

Together we delve into the practices of nurturing this garden. We listen for the call, Spirit's sweet song that draws one deeply into his or her compassion and love. We reflect on this connection as a calm clear pool, that gives one the safe space to delicately become, to simply be.

The directees that I work with come from a variety of faiths and may practice within a specific religious community and/or a less structured spiritual path. They are both men and women and their ages, ethnicity's and sexual orientations are diverse. They are passionate and often creative individuals whom in the deepening of their own journeys endeavor to honor the greatest good of all.

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The word Reiki means universal energy.

We all are vibrant beings and have some sense of when our energy is in flow. Reiki is an ancient hands-on healing technique used to create clarity in our bodies. It promotes a deep state of relaxation and presence in the moment. It creates a deeper sense of peace and ease through deep listening and chakra balancing.

Why do I want Reiki?

People choose reiki healings for a variety of needs.

  • If you feel that the stress in your life is preventing you from making choices that best suit your progress, Reiki can ground you and provide a clearer sense of direction.
  • If you are feeling stuck in situations that are unhealthy for you, Reiki can provide momentum to ease through these blocks.
  • When you are feeling disconnected from yourself and others, Reiki can assist you in deepening these relationships, creating a sense of openness and greater understanding.
  • When you are experiencing physical, emotional or spiritual pain, Reiki can guide you into the epicenter of this discomfort and help identify and relieve the cause at the source.

In short, Reiki can help eliminate the physical and emotional barriers that stifle personal growth and enable you to open up to positive opportunities.

Why would I want to take a Reiki class, and what is an attunement anyway?

Reiki Classes are designed for people who want to open themselves up for a greater capacity to receive and give energy in a healing form. The training allows you to create and maintain more balance and harmony in your life. Each class includes tools that support this, such as meditation, healings on self, one on one and in groups. Also included are attunements or initiations which are performed by the Reiki Master (someone who has been through all the levels of training). These allow the student to open his/her energetic body further in order to give and receive more healing energy, for yourself and for others.

There are so many Reiki practitioners out there - how do I know who to trust?

Although energetically, Reiki comes from the same source, each practitioner may have different sensitivities through the use of it. A massage therapist, spiritual director and business professional trained in Reiki will all be coming from different life perspectives. Speaking with a practitioner will give you a sense of what sort of energy they nurture in their own lives.

In consideration of who to work with:

  • Ask questions about their background as you would any health specialist or doctor.
  • Identify what you really want from your session and communicate this in order to get a better sense of whether they can provide this.
  • Keep in mind, Reiki energy cannot be used for harm - it is a healing energy.
  • Choose someone who best listens to your needs, who is present and with whom you "click."

What makes your classes different from other Reiki classes?

Each Reiki Master has their own style. As a performance artist, LMT and sacred retreat leader...

I guide people into their energetic core through engagement with their creative process. I teach classes in natural and sacred settings in a weekend retreat format to promote diving deeply and peacefully into the work removed from distractions. The classes are largely experiential and include the history and chakra teachings.

The classes are kept small - no more than six people - to promote an intimate community setting. Retreats also include one private Reiki session to take place before the class as well as a 21-day follow-up meeting in which the participants are invited to assess the integration of the work. I also provide Circle the Moon Reiki Gatherings one to two times per month to continue to encourage a safe space to practice giving and receiving, ask questions and reconnect with the Reiki community at large.

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Evolutionary Astrology

Yearning for perspective during these times of transition?

Learn how to recognize relating patterns through both familial and intimate relationship dynamics. More than any other methodology, Evolutionary Astrology reflects the diversity of human consciousness in relationships and offers opportunities for self-reliance and self-growth within those relationships.

Celestial Map

your astrological chart


relationships, sexuality, synastry & composite

Health &

wellness systems through the planetary archetypes



Looking for a creative and intuitive outlet to explore your inner treasures? SoulCollage® is a creative and satisfying collage process.

You make your own deck of cards—each collage card representing one aspect of your personality or Soul. Use the cards intuitively to answer life's questions and participate in self-discovery. Joyfully deepen your understanding of the relationships between your personality parts, you and your family/community/world, and you and your dreams, symbols, and Spirit.