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Gina James

Photo by Serena Davidson

"Gina is a kind and giving soul, which is reflected in her work. She takes the time to listen to your needs and understands how human emotion effects the body. She is an excellent masseuse and energy healer.

-- Jillian Eyerman, Artist

Sprirtual Direction

What Does The Term Spiritual Relate To? How Do I Experience The Spiritual Realm?

The term Spiritual relates to our dance with the Divine and the reflection upon what we co-create together. It embraces us within this creative relationship and divines our ability to connect with the love of the process.

"As our mind body and spirit are enriched with the flowering of divine inspiration, what better way to open further into our deepening wisdom and embrace new tools for growth and greater ease."

Gina James
BA, LMT, Reiki Master

Our spirituality invites us to celebrate our life force and notice when divine inspiration touches our hearts. We witness the alchemy that ensues which allow us to find that safe place to land and further discover the richness of our inner landscape. On our spiritual path we discover the invitation to have greater trust in ourselves and in connection to that which is so much larger than us draped in mystery. Spirituality honors this great union with one another and Spirit and shines our inter-connectedness brightly to the world.

Spirituality captures the essence of our relationship with God. The God that is within us and surrounding us in the ever unfolding creation. In this realm God is both everything and no-thing. God is energy, grace, and the invitation to both recognize and strive towards greater wholeness. God is both the holy stage as she is the breath of life in all of her players. She is hope - the beauty that beckons our resourcefulness in transforming what is profane into what is sacred. Spirituality invites us to reclaim this life as holy, divine, beautiful, rich and whole.

What Is Direction?

Direction is the path that we take through the garden of our lives. It can be seen as both linear and spirallic. It is the course that we hear most deeply within us - echoing down our hallowed halls. It is through this unique unfolding in faith that we continue to bloom.

As a director, I listen for sparks as well as the soft places to land. I listen with my ears, my eyes and my heart for what is life giving and affirming in the other. In that I hear the call of the Holy as well as what seems to shield that essence from view. It's like tending a garden. Noticing what needs to be weeded - what judgments may be choking the life force. What areas seem to need more tending to enhance our joy as well as what areas are shriveling from too much attention making us wither. What needs to be composted, recycled and transformed into fresh soil. Where are the buds of promise and peace that are popping their heads up towards the sun? Where does one take action - to dig, till and plant? And how does one nourish the garden? What honors the flow of prayer and the nutrients of self care, as well as the places to rest and take it all in? When to savor the smells, the colors and the simplicity in the explosiveness of all that has been growing.

What Is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction provides the opportunity to walk through the garden of one's life, to recognize one's connection to the Divine and the greater landscape that nourishes us all, with a companion. In this practice we honor the spiritual journey together with an eye towards transformation, growth, ease and respite.

A directee's personal plot varies greatly depending on the call of one's path. It is affected by the seasons of change and how one is being led by the Great Creator surrounding us in all that we see, as well as the deep currents that move us from within.

Together we delve into the practices of nurturing this garden. We listen for the call, Spirit's sweet song that draws one deeply into his or her compassion and love. We reflect on this connection as a calm clear pool, that gives one the safe space to delicately become, to simply be.

The directees that I work with come from a variety of faiths and may practice within a specific religious community and/or a less structured spiritual path. They are both men and women and their ages, ethnicity's and sexual orientations are diverse. They are passionate and often creative individuals whom in the deepening of their own journeys endeavor to honor the greatest good of all.