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Circle of the Moon Gatherings
Reiki I - Know Thyself
Reiki II - Coastal Retreat

"Gina's massage has been essential for me in dealing with back / shoulder pain as well as repeat motion stress from too much time at work! The energy work that she offers as part of a treatment cycle has also been fantastic for getting me on track. Her package deal of highly highly skilled deep tissue massage and Reiki has become a regular part of my life and I highly highly recommend her."

-- Jeri Mc Master, Graphic Designer

"Gina is a fantastic retreat leader! She truly knows how to create sacred space for others and then hold that space as we experienced something profound. She incorporates spirituality, creativity and intellectualism in a beautiful and seamless fashion. Reiki has made me feel more grounded in my daily life, and has opened new doors I never knew existed!"

-- K. Rasmussin, chiropractic physician

"I walked away with greater clarity and a deeper sense of inner peace and health. Gina is a truly gifted healer who holds space for this sacred journey inward."

-- A. Livingstone, sacred artist

"This class was great! I would recommend anyone interested in energy work to take this class. Gina was able to bring to life this very ancient practice. Her knowledge and energy shined!"

-- K. Lucht LMT and K. Burrows LMT

REIKI I - Know Thyself

Discover deep peace within and bring greater peace to the world!

For those committed to expanding awareness of energetic healing by developing tools for healing self, loved ones and community.

In a sacred space filled with beauty and peace you are invited to:

Reiki provides stress relief through deep relaxation, grounding through mindfulness, enhanced trust in abilities and actions deepening of relationship to self and others, greater compassion and life ease.


During the weekend you will experience hands on training following in the oral tradition of the Usui System of Natural Healing. Opportunity to synthesize energetic awareness on a variety of levels through meditation, witnessing and creative activities will be offered within a small group setting. 15 CEUs OBMT for those in need.


Coming 2007


$250 Fee includes one prior private Reiki session, and a 21 day follow-up group session. Lunch and snack will be provided both days.

Lunch and snack will be provided both days

Location and Registration

Please call 503-515-5066
Space Is limited - so please respond promptly. Thank You!

Led by

Gina C. James, BA, LMT, Reiki Master