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Circle of the Moon Gatherings
Reiki I - Know Thyself
Reiki II - Coastal Retreat

"Gina's massage has been essential for me in dealing with back / shoulder pain as well as repeat motion stress from too much time at work! The energy work that she offers as part of a treatment cycle has also been fantastic for getting me on track. Her package deal of highly highly skilled deep tissue massage and Reiki has become a regular part of my life and I highly highly recommend her."

-- Jeri Mc Master, Graphic Designer

"Gina is a fantastic retreat leader! She truly knows how to create sacred space for others and then hold that space as we experienced something profound. She incorporates spirituality, creativity and intellectualism in a beautiful and seamless fashion. Reiki has made me feel more grounded in my daily life, and has opened new doors I never knew existed!"

-- K. Rasmussin, chiropractic physician

"I walked away with greater clarity and a deeper sense of inner peace and health. Gina is a truly gifted healer who holds space for this sacred journey inward."

-- A. Livingstone, sacred artist

"This class was great! I would recommend anyone interested in energy work to take this class. Gina was able to bring to life this very ancient practice. Her knowledge and energy shined!"

-- K. Lucht LMT and K. Burrows LMT

What is Reiki?

The word Reiki means universal energy. We all are vibrant beings and have some sense of when our energy is in flow. Reiki is an ancient hands-on healing technique used to create clarity in our bodies. It promotes a deep state of relaxation and presence in the moment. It creates a deeper sense of peace and ease through deep listening and chakra balancing.

Why do I want Reiki?

People choose reiki healings for a variety of needs.

In short, Reiki can help eliminate the physical and emotional barriers that stifle personal growth and enable you to open up to positive opportunities.

Why would I want to take a Reiki class, and what is an attunement anyway?

Reiki Classes are designed for people who want to open themselves up for a greater capacity to receive and give energy in a healing form. The training allows you to create and maintain more balance and harmony in your life. Each class includes tools that support this, such as meditation, healings on self, one on one and in groups. Also included are attunements or initiations which are performed by the Reiki Master (someone who has been through all the levels of training). These allow the student to open his/her energetic body further in order to give and receive more healing energy, for yourself and for others.

There are so many Reiki practitioners out there - how do I know who to trust?

Although energetically, Reiki comes from the same source, each practitioner may have different sensitivities through the use of it. A massage therapist, spiritual director and business professional trained in Reiki will all be coming from different life perspectives. Speaking with a practitioner will give you a sense of what sort of energy they nurture in their own lives.

In consideration of who to work with:

What makes your classes different from other Reiki classes?

Each Reiki Master has their own style. As a performance artist, LMT and sacred retreat leader...

I guide people into their energetic core through engagement with their creative process. I teach classes in natural and sacred settings in a weekend retreat format to promote diving deeply and peacefully into the work removed from distractions. The classes are largely experiential and include the history and chakra teachings.

The classes are kept small - no more than six people - to promote an intimate community setting. Retreats also include one private Reiki session to take place before the class as well as a 21-day follow-up meeting in which the participants are invited to assess the integration of the work. I also provide Circle the Moon Reiki Gatherings one to two times per month to continue to encourage a safe space to practice giving and receiving, ask questions and reconnect with the Reiki community at large.