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Gina James

Photo by Serena Davidson

"Gina is a kind and giving soul, which is reflected in her work. She takes the time to listen to your needs and understands how human emotion effects the body. She is an excellent masseuse and energy healer.

-- Jillian Eyerman, Artist

"Gina has magic hands! From the hot stone treatment to the deep tissue massage, Ive never left her space--which is warm and spiritually grounding--unsatisfied. I leave rejuvinated and relaxed."

-- Shea Steele, Remax Realtor

Gift Certificates and Time of Service Discounted Rates

New Client Intake Fee

There is a $20 new client intake fee if you are new to receiving bodywork from Freedom To Move. Why so, you ask? Each first session takes approximately 20-30 minutes longer than a regular session as we will go over your medical history and treatment plan thoroughly during that time. After the intake you receive the full session you have purchased on the table without the intake limiting your bodywork time. This fee applies to all new clients (excluding Auto Injury and Kaiser/CHP copay Insurance Clients) - so do keep this in mind when purchasing gift certificates as you have the choice of paying the fee for the recipient.

The following prices reflect a discounted rate for payments made at the time of service. Medical massage rates that are not paid at the time of service will be billed at $40 per unit of 97214 per my customary fee schedule.

Multilevel Bodywork sessions

30 Minutes $50
45 Minutes $65
60 Minutes $85
90 Minutes $120
120 minutes $160

Custom designed for each client's needs. Modalities include deep tissue, sports, reiki, pranic healing, shiatsu, pregnancy, relaxation, myofascial and craniosacral release.

Thai Massage

60 Minutes - $90
90 Minutes - $125
120 Minutes - $160

Particularly good for those who are interested in more flexibility. Deep stretches and compressions create space and joint ease throughout the body.

Birthday Massage Discounts

30 Minutes $45
45 Minutes $60
60 Minutes $75
90 Minutes $110
120 minutes $150

Treat yourself to a massage for your birthday at a discounted rate during your birth month (New Client intake still applies for first time visitors).

Evolutionary Astrology Consultation Sessions

90 Minute Natal Chart Reading - $125
120 Minute Natal Reading Plus Transits/Progressions - $175

90 Minute Transit/Progression/Solar Return Update - $125
60 Minute Transit/Progression/Solar Return Update - $95

120 Minute Relationship Synastry or Composite Consultation - $250
90 Minute Relationship Synastry or Composite Consultation - $200

Now accepting Cash, Visa and Mastercard!

Office Hours are Tuesday-Saturday by appointment only. Please call for an appointment at (503) 282-8600.

Did You Know We Offer:

MVA Insurance Claims Processed

Have you or a loved one recently been involved in a motor vehicle accident (MVA)? If you are looking for extensive alternative care to bring you back to a state of ease, comfort and full rehabilitation - come visit us.

After an accident your muscles often take the brunt of the impact leaving you in pain and with a loss of range of motion. Massage alleviates shock to your muscles and can help restore them to their full capacity.

Freedom To Move works with your insurance adjusters to offer you quality care for your recovery and does the billing for you. We partner with chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, accupuncturists and therapists both at Numinosity and the greater Portland area in offering you comprehensive care to return you to your optimal state of health. Find out more...

Now accepting Kaiser Insurance!

Are you currently enrolled in a Kaiser Alternative Health Plan? You may be elligible to receive massage at a discounted fee or with a nominal co-pay. Some plans cover 1 massage per month (12 total per year). Don't miss out on this great benefit! Check in with Kaiser for your benefits and if approved call us and set up an appointment. You will need a copy of your Kaiser card at time of the first visit.