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Gina James

Photo by Serena Davidson

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Many of you have told me that when you come for your session you receive so much more than just a massage, you receive an experience! I have been honored to provide you with a soft place to land filled with beauty and peace to nurture your body, mind, spirit and soul these many years. From the depths of my heart thank you for returning time and again, purchasing gift certificates and sending those who are dear to you my way.

Gina James
BA, LMT #7348, Reiki Master, Spiritual Director, Evolutionary Astrologer, Registered SoulCollage® Facilitator

Now Accepting CIGNA

As of 2016, Gina has been accepted on the CIGNA panel. So if you have CIGNA, check in to see if your plan covers massage and if so, come on in for your appointment. We look forward to seeing you.

Body: Massage

Ready to get grounded in your body, release those knots of tension and find greater flexibilty?

Spirit: Spiritual Direction & Reiki

How do you experience the spiritual, increase energetic awareness and vital health?

Mind: Evolutionary Astrology Consultations

Yearning for perspective during these times of transition?

Soul: SoulCollage®

Looking for a creative and intuitive outlet to explore your inner treasures?


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Medical Massage Options

Accepting MVA Clients

Have you recently been involved in a motor vehicle accident? We can help...

Accepting Kaiser Insurance

Are you currently enrolled in a Kaiser Alternative Health Plan? You may be elligible to receive massage at a discounted fee or with a nominal co-pay. Check in with Kaiser for your benefits and if approved call us and set up an appointment.